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Getting started with Team Meetings
Getting started with Team Meetings

Everything you need to know about running team meetings in Duuoo

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Just as Duuoo facilitates a variety of different types of 1-on-1 Meetings, it also allows for different types of Team Meetings: from from quick team check-ins, to team culture & collaboration discussions, to sprint planning meetings, and everything in between.

For a short video introduction to Team Meetings, you can check out the video below.

From here, we'll take you through all the steps necessary to get started using Team Meetings with your team.

As a manager, you have the option to choose a Team Meeting Track for your team by selecting one of the many Team Meeting Tracks recommended by Duuoo or any custom Team Meetings Tracks your organization has made available to you.

Selecting a Team Meeting Track

Note: If you're looking for a detailed explanation of how to select a 1-on-1 Meeting Track, see our article on that here.

  • From your Team Page, click on the Team Settings button in the upper right and then in the list, select Change Meeting Track

  • Select Team Meetings and then click the Select Track button

  • On the next page, you'll be able to see the pre-built Duuoo Team Meeting Tracks and any custom tracks your organization has made.

  • Choose the track you'd like to use with your team and click Select Track.

Note: If your team is already on a Team Meeting Track, we'll ask you to confirm that you're switching to different track, as any scheduled Team Meetings will deleted along with any notes added in preparation by your team members.

  • Click on the calendar icon to choose the start date for each meeting type (we'll set the time for each individual meeting on that date automatically)

  • Or click on I want to edit specific dates button to choose start time and date for each individual meeting

  • Once you're happy with the chosen dates click on Save & Finish to set your new meeting track live

  • If you and your team members have chosen to connect your calendar to Duuoo, calendar invites will now be automatically sent out

View of upcoming meetings

Now that your selected Team Meeting Track is live, you'll see it in your feed of upcoming meetings on Overview tab of your Team Page

Your team members will also be able to see that upcoming Team Meeting on their profiles, represented by a Meeting Card.

Preparing for your Team Meeting

  • As a manager, you'll be able to edit the agenda of any upcoming Team Meeting, just as you can with your 1-on-1 Meetings

  • You'll also be able to see any notes your team members have made in preparation for the meeting

  • The one difference here, is that you'll also have the option of adding your own preparation notes

Once everyone has prepared for the meeting and it's time to start, any one of the participants can commence the meeting by clicking the Start Meeting button.

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