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The Assistant Manager Role
The Assistant Manager Role

How to assign a team member as an Assistant Manager and what the role entails

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Every manager in Duuoo has the option of assigning one or several of their team members an Assistant Manager. In this article, we'll detail what exactly this role entails and how managers and admins can apply this role to the team members of their choosing.

The Assistant Manager Role

First and foremost, the Assistant Manager role gives a user the ability to conduct 1-on-1 conversations with one or multiple team members, in place of the manager. The manager of the team will chose the team member or team members that the Assistant Manager should have 1-on-1s with.

The Assistant Manager will also have access to the Team Page, where they will see an overview of all of the upcoming 1-on-1s they have with the team member or team members they are responsible for, as well any upcoming team meetings.

Assigning Assistant Managers

To assign a team member as an Assistant Manager, start by selecting the option 'Assign roles' from within the team settings.

From there, a list of all team members will be visible and their current role will be denoted.

To adjust the role of a team member, select that team member and you will be brought to menu where you can toggle their role between Employee or Assistant Manager, as well as who they will be able to conduct 1-on-1s with; this can be one team member, several of them, or all of them.

Important to note: when you assign responsibility of a team member to an Assistant Manager, you will transfer your current meeting track to your Assistant Manager. In the process, any upcoming 1-on-1 meetings scheduled between you and that team member will be canceled, and new meetings will be scheduled for your Assistant Manager and your team member.

After you've hit the 'Continue' button at the bottom and return to the team page, you'll see that your team member is now denoted as an Assistant Manager by way of a small flag icon next to their profile picture.

You'll also notice that the team member that you've designated your new Assistant Manager to have 1-on-1 conversations with, no longer has a meeting card on your team page. This is because your Assistant Manager is now taking over responsibility of conducting those 1-on-1s.

The Assistant Manager's View

As noted in the previous section, an Assistant Manager will have access to the team's Team Page, where they will be able to view the meeting cards for all of their assigned team members. Below, you can see the Team Page as viewed by Sarah, who has been designated an Assistant Manager and given responsibility for conducting 1-on-1s with Eliza.

On the Team Page, Sarah can view all upcoming 1-on-1s with Eliza as well as any upcoming team meetings.

Just as in the case of a Manager, the Assistant Manager can click on the meeting card to be taken to the preparation page, and can thus edit the agenda as they see fit.

An Assistant Manager can also change the meeting they are on with their team member from their Team Settings, in the same way that a Manager can.

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