There are 4 distinct, non-mutually exclusive user roles in Duuoo:

  • Team Member

  • Manager

  • Assistant Manager

  • Admin

Importantly, these user roles are in no way mutually exclusive, meaning that it is entirely possible for a single user to hold all either a few or all of these roles at the same time. For example, a user may be a managing a team, a team member in a different team, and at the same time, an admin for their organization's Duuoo account.

We'll go through each of these user roles in turn and define each one and explain how to adjust them.

Team Member

Let's start off with the simplest one: this user is a member of at least one team. They can be added to a team by a manager, who will add them to their team, or an admin, who will add them to a team.

Read more about how managers can invite team members here.


As the name suggest, this is a user who is managing a team or teams. A user becomes a manager by either creating a team or by being invited as a manager by another user.

A user will cease to have this role when they are no longer managing a team in Duuoo, either because they have transferred the team to another manager or deleted the team.

Assistant Manager

An assistant manager is a member of a team who will have access to the team page and will have the ability to have 1-on-1s with select team members.

A manager can designate one or multiple team members as an assistant manager in their team settings, as can an admin from the organizational settings.


An admin is a user that has access to the Organization Settings in Duuoo, where among other things, they can grant admin rights to additional users. By default, the very first user to sign up for their organization and create the account is an admin in the system.

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