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Setting a Team Purpose in Duuoo

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The Team Purpose feature in Duuoo gives managers and admins the ability to set a purpose statement for their team, which will be viewable on the Team Page and by all the team members.

For accounts set up via a data sync, Team Purpose follows the same cascade rules as Team Goals, meaning that when a parent team sets a Team Purpose, all the team seated below will automatically inherit that Team Purpose.

Setting Team Purpose as a Manager

As a Manager, you can set your Team Purpose by going to your Team Page, clicking on Team Settings and selecting Team Purpose in the dropdown.

After you've written your Team Purpose, you can set it by clicking Save at the bottom.

After you do so, your Team Purpose will be live on your Team Page, and can be found by navigating to the tab labeled Team Purpose.

Every Team Member will also be able to view the Team Purpose from their own profile, by navigating to the tab labeled by the same name.

Viewing and setting Team Purpose as a Admin

Any user designated as an admin in their Duuoo account will be able to both view and set/adjust the Team Purpose of every team in the organization. They can do so from their Organization Settings and the first tab, labeled Teams.

Next to each Team, there will be a button labeled Settings. Clicking on this button will reveal a drop down, in which one of the options will read, Set Team Purpose.

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