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The Duuoo Skills Module
The Duuoo Skills Module
Duuoo's Skills Module ensures that your teams' competencies match your organizational goals.
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If you want to create long-term value and results, you have to ensure that your team has the right combination of competencies here and now. Duuoo's Skills Module makes sure that your goals are aligned with your skills and lets you track your team's progress.

Duuoo's Skills Module consists of three levels; skill, skill group, skill group level.


Skills are certifications, competencies, education and training relevant to you in alignment with your organization.

It could be, for example, Python programming skills, copywriting courses, or Photoshop webinars.

Skills are defined at the organizational level, so managers and administrators can define, update, add, and delete skills, ensuring they reflect the company's current situation.

Skill Groups

Skill groups are overarching categories of skills relating to different functions or departments of your organization.

Examples of skill groups could be leadership, language, or data security competencies.

Managers have the complete overview and can keep track of how their teams are progressing - initiating training and courses where needed.

Skill Group Levels

Skill group levels are how you choose to measure advancements within a specific skill group.

It can be numerical (e.g., 1 - 5) or descriptive (e.g., beginner-advanced) and is fully customizable.

Manage skills

When employees add a new skill to their Duuoo profile, they can upload documentation such as certificates, diplomas, or similar. Managers and administrators can view documentation and confirm the legitimacy of skills.

If an employee ticks off the Request Approval box, their manager receives a notification via email or Slack and can reject or accept the documentation.

Align goals and performance

The skills module ensures that organizational goals are aligned with employee performance by working in collaboration towards the right combination of skills. Now and in the future.

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