Pulse surveys are a quick way of checking in with your employees and gaining valuable feedback.

Unlike traditional surveys, pulse surveys are short, specific, and regular. This type of survey is particularly useful when you want to:

  • Gain a deep understanding of your employees

  • Gather frequent real-time insights

  • Drive company-wide improvements

Pulse surveys in Duuoo

Pulse surveys can be integrated as part of your Duuoo team meetings, 1-on-1's, coaching sessions, or development dialogues. You can create themes around topics that are important to your organization, such as engagement, well-being, or inclusion and diversity.

Each Pulse Survey question is completely customizable, so that you can tailor the content to any kind of question you are looking to get answered.

Because the survey question can be integrated with existing meeting flows, you can enjoy a 100% response rate. Just add the question to the meeting flows, that your employees are currently using, and start collecting valuable feedback.

How to add a pulse survey question

To add a pulse survey question to Duuoo meeting tracks (manager/admin only):

  • Go to your Duuoo profile

  • Go to Settings and then Organizational settings

  • Navigate to the Custom talking points tab

  • Here you can choose if your question should be available for team meetings, 1-on-1's or as a Strategic Talking Point (for one-time use in a meeting). If you want to question to be recurring, choose 1-on-1 or team meetings.

  • Once you have selected a meeting type, choose a category for your question, either by selecting an existing or creating a new.

  • When adding a new question, tick the Use Questionnaire box and select the scale you want to use.

  • Click Save talking point

Your pulse survey question is not complete! Time to put it to action.

You can choose to implement your question in specific team or 1-on-1 meetings, by navigating to the meeting card in question, and clicking on Add Talking Point. Select the new pulse survey question, save it, and save the changes to the meeting agenda. Your employee will now receive the updated agenda, and can answer the pulse survey question before your next meeting.

You can also implement the question as a recurring theme in your meeting tracks (manager/admin only). See this article to learn how.

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