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Succession planning with Duuoo
Succession planning with Duuoo

Learn how to use Duuoo in your organization's succession planning

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Succession planning is the process of determining which competencies and skills your organization needs and aligning them with current employees' competencies - or looking for new talent if needed.

To do this, organizations need to:

  1. Map their employees' current skills and competencies

  2. Determine the organizations current and future needs

  3. Assess how well current competencies fit future needs

  4. Take steps to close gaps by training and coaching internally or looking externally for new talent

This can be done in Duuoo by using the Skills Module.

Duuoo's Skills Module gives managers an overview of each team member's skillset and makes it easy to determine when improvement is needed.

So how do you get started?

To utilize Duuoo for your succession planning, start by determining which skills your organization, team, or department needs. Formulate exactly what these skills comprise of.

Some organizations use Building blocks to do this. A building block is one skill that contributes to a larger, complex skill.

An example could be a Master's degree in IT coupled with Advanced English and Project management skills. These building blocks then create the advanced skill: Senior project manager.

Managers can use Duuoo to get an overview of which team members are on track to have the right combination of building blocks to achieve selected, complex skills. They can initiate training, mentoring, order courses, and track progress directly from Duuoo.

Skills are added by managers or admins. Read the FAQs below to learn exactly how.

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