Ritual Motion introduces Bitcoin tipping for creators. Now, when you view content on Ritual Motion GUILD, you are able to tip creators in Bitcoin as well as cash (usd).

If you are a Ritual Motion GUILD content creator, you will be notified via email that you have been tipped by a viewer. Ritual Motion GUILD sends tipped Bitcoin (minus any transaction fees to the wallets of content creators every Friday.

The instructions below are for a) Ritual Motion GUILD content creators who want to be tipped in Bitcoin and b) for people who want to tip Ritual Motion GUILD content creators.

Instructions for Ritual Motion GUILD content creators

(I’m a content creator and I want to be tipped)

Step 1 - Sign in to Ritual Motion GUILD (www.ritualmotion.com) and click My Account

Step 2 - Click Tips and Subs

Step 3 - Enter your Bitcoin Address (from your bitcoin wallet, ie. Coinbase, Binance, etc) in the Bitcoin Wallet field and click “SAVE CHANGES”

This address must be a Bitcoin address. It will begin with the number 3 or the number 1. Do not use any of the following addresses: Metamask, Ethereum, Cardano, Solana, etc. Only enter a Bitcoin address. Warning. If you enter the wrong address, funds will be lost during the transfer.

That’s it, your account is now ready for bitcoin tipping. You will receive all tipped Bitcoin on Fridays.

A Bitcoin tip feature will appear on your creator page and your viewers will be able to use it to tip you.

Keep reading below to learn how to give someone else a Bitcoin tip.

Instructions for Ritual Motion GUILD viewers

(I want to tip a content creator)

Step 1 - Sign in to or create an account on Coinbase.com and purchase Bitcoin.

Step 2 - Sign in to Ritual Motion GUILD (www.ritualmotion.com)

Step 3 - Go to the creator/host or session page that you want to tip and click “TIP THIS HOST”

Step 4 - Enter your name, Select Crypto instead of Credit/Debit, and enter an amount to tip the creator/host. Due to transaction fees, the amount they receive will be slightly less than the amount you send. Click SEND TIP VIA COINBASE and follow the instructions.

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