Delete feature(s) in a dataset by passing a layerMetaId (dataset id) and criteria matching the feature(s) to be deleted. 

Please Note: Use with extreme care. Deleted features are not recoverable. Recommended criteria to use is an Equal on a unique identifier or And/Equal to use multiple columns as a composite key.

Request URL

DELETE https://maps.espatial.com/esWebAPI/rest/v1b/feature?layerMetaId={LAYER_META_ID}&criteria={CRITERIA}

DELETE https://maps.espatial.com/esWebAPI/rest/v1b/feature?layerMetaId=179995&criteria={"$type":"Equal","attr":"COMPANY_ID","value":"7897564"}


HTTP Response will be true if operation was a success and include a HTTP header "features-removed-count" to indicate number of features removed.

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