• Click on the Share button to open the Share Map window.

Sharing Window

Click on the Rename link to rename your map for sharing if you choose.

Choose from one of three sharing options:

  • Private
  • Public
  • Within Team


By default all maps are set to Private.

  • Click on Private to set a shared map to private.


Sharing – Public

  • Click on Public to set the map to be shared publicly. This will make it visible to anyone with the public link.
  • Click on Visible to search engines to make your map searchable.
  • Click on Include table to include a table with your shared map.
  • Click on the Done button to open the Share Links window.
  • By default, the legend will be minimised for the embed map. If you want the legend to be expanded by default, remove the text "&lp=c" from the map URL. Note that you can add this text ("&lp=c") to other public maps to minimize the legend on a public map by default. 

Sharing – Links

  • Copy the map link to an email or use one of the social media and mail icons to share it.
  • Copy the embed code to add the map to a webpage.
  • For Team, Team Plus and Enterprise accounts any maps shared publicly will appear in the Shared with Me tab in the library for all users.

Within Team

Any maps shared Within Team will appear in the library of the members of the Groups or Users it is shared with. 

Share – Team

  • Click on Shared within Team to set the map to be shared with other users of your account.
  • Start typing the name of the Group or the email of the individual user you want to share with.
  • Give the group or user the following permissions as needed: Can edit map – the group or user can edit the map specified Can edit data – the group or user can edit the data on the map specified
  • Click on the Email notify check box to send an email to the members of the groups or the users you have shared with. This will notify them that you have shared a map with them and they can find it in their Library.
  • Click on the Done button to finish sharing and return your map.

Sharing with Individuals

It is important to note that when sharing with an Individual user they must already be a member of at least one group. The group they belong to will determine their permissions when sharing.

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