Territory Legend and Labels

Click on the Legend link in the Territories window to open the Legend.

The Legend will show you what each dataset is in the Territory Builder.

  • Click on the Label icon to show or hide the labels for each dataset.
  • Click on the X to close the Legend.
  • For Point datasets you can choose All Labels or Non Overlapping Labels
  • Click on the Eye icon to Show or Hide the Point Datasets


You can export your territories as follows:

  • CSV
  • MapBook

Export to CSV

You can export the details of your territories to CSV to further analyse them.

Export to MapBook

You can export your territories directly to a Powerpoint presentation, the MapBook can handle more than 100 slides.

You will get a complete list of all the Territories.

The presentation will contain an overview of all of your Territories.


It will also contain each individual territory on a page.

Each Territory will also show any balances.


You can delegate management of parts of your territories to other users. Click on the Level tab at the top of the page to open the Level view. Left click on a level and select Delegate.

  • Enter the email of the user you want to delegate to.
  • If you are at the top level you will be given the choice to allow the chosen user to: Sub-divide – if this is the top level then the users can further divide this level, or View – the user can view territories at this levelClick on the Email notify check box if you would like to send an email to the user.
  • Click on the Done button to finish delegating

Once a territory is delegated to a user they can then also delegate that territory to other users. If a territory is delegated to a user they can only make changes to that part of the territory but for context they will be able to see other parts of the territories that are relevant to the one they are working on. They will not be able to see other parts of the Territory.

eSpatial Territory Webinar: 

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