• Select the Region dataset you wish to use from the drop down.
  • Click on the Add Region Datasets button to add more region datasets from the Library.
  • Select a Point data set that you wish to use (note: this is optional but will be needed for Balanced territories). Any point datasets that are present on your map will be available for selection.
  • Click on the Complete button to open the Territory builder.

In order to balance your territories you will need to have a point dataset containing columns you would like to balance on.

  • Click on the Add Balance button in the Create Territories panel.
  • Select the dataset you want to use for balancing. If you need a different dataset than those already present on the Map simply close this window and click on the Add Data button to add a point dataset as normal. This will now be available in teh dropdown list when you click on the Add Balance button.
  • Select the column(s) you want to use for balancing. These will be added to the Active Balances panel. If you wish to use columns from different datasets simply switch the active dataset in the Select Dataset drop down list.
  • Click Complete once you are ready.

You will see all of the Unassigned balances at the top of the panel. As you create your territories these will be assigned out to the territories. You can click on the arrow beside Unassigned to switch and see the assigned amounts and percentages.

  • Click on the Add Territory button.

There are two ways to add regions to your territory.

  • Click on a region to add it to your Territory.
  • Click on the Area Select button and then left click on the map at the start point and continue adding points as necessary to draw a shape that intersects with all of the regions you want to select.A shape will be drawn over the map.Click on the Confirm button to add all intersecting regions to your Territory.Your territory will be drawn on the map.
  • Click on the Add Territory button to add another territory.

As you are creating your territories you can visually see what values are being assigned to each one. You can then move areas from one territory to another. You can do this in the table at the bottom.

  • Select the Territory that you want to move an area from in the drop down on the left or click on the Territory Name in the Territories panel.
  • Select the area(s) you want to move by clicking in the Check box beside it or click the check box.
  • Select the Territory that you want to move the area to in the Move To drop down.

The areas will be moved to the new territory and the balances will be recalculated.

  • Your Territories are auto saved to the territory dataset and can be found in the library. From here you can add it to your map.


If your territory has hierarchies you can see the balances in the Hierarchy view. You can view the hierarchies by clicking on the Level tab at the top of the Territory Builder window.

This is the default view.

You can also choose to view this data as a chart by clicking on the Chart icon in the top left.

Alternatively you can view this data as text by clicking on the Text icon in the top left.

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