Over time you can build up a collection of Maps, Workspaces, Records and Users that are no longer needed in your account.

Delete Maps

You can delete maps from within an open Workspace.

  • In the Control Panel click on the Open button to open the Open Maps window. The Open Maps window will open as seen below.
  • Click on the Trashcan icon to delete the map. This will only delete the map. Any datasets present on the map will still be available for selection from the Library.

Delete Record

You can delete a record from a dataset from within an Open Map.

  • Click on a point on the Map to open the Info window.
  • Click on the Pencil icon to enable editing.
  • Click on the Trashcan icon to delete the record.

Delete Workspaces

You can delete Workspaces from with the library.

  • Click on a Workspace name in the Workspace tree to see that Workspace details.
  • Click on the Delete icon to delete the Workspace.

Any Maps that were created in the workspace will be automatically deleted.

Delete Datasets

You can delete datasets from within the library. If you have uploaded datasets that you no longer need or that you uploaded in error you can delete them from within eSpatial to free up space.

Click on the Library button in the Top Toolbar to open the Library. Select the Datasets tab to access your datasets. Any datasets that you uploaded or added from the eSpatial datastore will be listed here.

Library – Datasets

  • Click on the Delete icon to delete the dataset.
  • If the dataset is one from the eSpatial Datastore it will still be available to use from within the eSpatial Datastore.
  • if the dataset is currently in use on a map you will get a message as see below.

You must first remove the dataset from any maps that it is on. Once this is done you can then return to the Library and delete the dataset. This is to ensure that you do not accidentally delete a dataset and ruin your map.

Any datasets from the eSpatial Datastore that you delete will be added back to the Datastore. If you need them again later simply add them back as before.

Any datasets that you uploaded will be deleted from within eSpatial. If you need them again late you can add them back using the Add Data button.

Delete Users

If you have a Team or Enterprise account you will have more than one user. In the User Settings menu you will find a link to Manage Groups and Users. From here you can delete any users you no longer need in your account.

  • Click on the Edit User icon to open the edit window. This is the same as the Add User window.
  • Click on the Delete User icon to delete the user.
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