Add Data using Address

Once you have address data (i.e.Street, town, city, state, zip or post code, country) in your spreadsheet you can upload it to eSpatial.

  • Click on the Add Data button in the Control Panel.

This will open the Add Data window.

Add Data Window

  • Click on the Upload new data button.This will allow you to search on a local or networked drive for the file you want.
  • Select the CSV or Excel file you want to add.

Add Data using Address

eSpatial will find the address columns in your data. Please check and make sure that they are correct. If necessary you can change them using the Change Settings button.

  • Click on the Change Settings button to change the columns. You can find more information on how to change settings here.
  • Once you are happy click on the Complete button.

The Upload Data window will open. You can see the progress of your upload and and how your data was plotted.

Upload Data

  • Click on the Return to Map button to see your data plotted on a map.
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