You can delete datasets from within the library. If you have uploaded datasets that you no longer need or that you uploaded in error you can delete them from within eSpatial to free up space.

Click on the Library button in the Top Toolbar to open the Library. Select the Datasets tab to access your datasets. Any datasets that you uploaded, any territory datasets or any that you added from the eSpatial datastore will be listed here.

  • Click on the Delete icon to delete the dataset.
  • If the dataset is one from the eSpatial Datastore it will still be available to use from within the eSpatial Datastore.
  • If the dataset is currently in use on a map you will get a message as see below.

If the dataset appears on a map there is a dependency on the dataset.

  • If you are the owner of the map click on the Remove Dependencies button to remove any dependency and delete the dataset from the library.
  • If you are not the owner of the map, when you click on the Remove Dependencies button you will be given the option to email the owner first to ask them to remove it from their map before you can delete it.
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