If you've spent on your card, pending transactions take a few days to show up. If there's still no sign of it, you might need to reconnect your account with Earnr.

Pending transactions

Some payments you make with your bank or credit card take a couple of days to process.

While your bank may show these payments on your account already, they're still working hard in the background to confirm them.

As Earnr links with your bank and credit card, it can take up to three days before your bank shares confirmed payments with us.

Bank connection expired

We use Open Banking to show your transactions in Earnr. One of its security features is the 90 day rule which sees bank accounts disconnect after 3 months. This ensures you don't leave accounts connected to apps and services you no longer use. But, it also means you need to renew connections to apps you do use. Head to the Transactions tab, and then Bank Accounts. If an account needs reconnecting, you'll see it highlighted there. Tap the highlighted account and follow the steps to reconnect.

If you've followed the above steps and you're still missing something. Head to the Help tab in the app and we'll help you out.

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