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What's new on Easy App Reports
What's new on Easy App Reports

Here you'll find out release notes on all our major launches, updates and bug fixes.

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September 6, 2023: three new reports added!Google Play Installs per App Version and App Store Subscription and Subscriber reports were added to our collection.
August 14, 2023: Play Subscriptions report fix patch
July 28, 2023: New interface, getting ready for 2.0, and an onboarding flow for new customersSee all details of this new release
July 10, 2023: License key deprecated & Stripe integrationBuilding a safer and convenient Easy App Reports for you
June 26, 2023: Bring your team to Easy App ReportsNow you can invite your teammates and colleagues to your account for increased access control, safety, and convenience.
June 13, 2023: iOS Reviews are now availableHaving an holistic view on your app's reviews is now easier than ever
June 6, 2023: removed an empty dimension on the Analytics Overview report
November 3, 2022: New fields available on your Google Play Subscriptions report
August 10, 2022: Drill down on your iOS subscriptions with this new reportWe have a new App Store kid in town: the Subscription Events Report
June 9, 2022: 6 new dimensions were added to the Google Play Earnings reportMore details about your revenue and how much you're paying on Google fees.
June 8, 2022: Source and Page Type now available on the App Store ConnectorFigure out where are your users coming from with these new dimensions.
June 1, 2022: Three new App Store metrics, improved naming conventions, and improved Earnings and Reviews reportWe have a juicy release this week for both our App Store and Google Play connectors.
May 16, 2022: 13 new App Store metrics and dimensions available