Multiple choice questions

Multiple choice questions are the most common question type for tests. This is the format where there is a question, and several answer options to choose from.
This question type can also be used for creating true or false questions! 😎

Fill in the blanks questions

Fill in the blanks questions are perfect for letting people enter a pre-set word, or set of words. A common use for this kind of question is where users are asked to complete a sentence. It is also possible to ask for a translation of a word into another language.

The system will compare the given answer to the entered answer for that question. A deviation percentage can be entered to allow for small differences or typing errors.

The challenge with this question type is to make sure that there can be no confusion about the exact word that needs to be entered.

Image questions

You can choose from small, medium, or large images. Check this article to see how you can add images to your Quiz.


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