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FTP Sales Auto Upload Setup
FTP Sales Auto Upload Setup
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In this article, you will learn to set up function for automatically transmitting your daily sales to a shopping mall’s management servers via FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

Tip: Before you start, make sure you have the Support Document send to you by the shopping mall management. If not, first ask them to send the support document to you, since it contains all information to set up a FTP file as per their requirement.

Once you've got the shopping mall support document, proceed with the following steps:

1. Set FTP file name and content format.

  • From Console, go to Store > POS Settings > Sales auto upload.

  • Look for the store you wish to set up for Auto Upload > Click on Setting.

  • Open the support document and check the requirements before starting filling the fields below (all shopping malls have different requirements for contents & format for their FTP files).

  • Upload type: Select FTP.

  • FTP file name: Enter Sales File Name. For example: TH_@YYYYMMDD.txt
    (Please follow the Support Document (PDF) sent to you by your shopping mall. It contains the specific format for naming a file. Follow the same format and name the file). Use @ to trigger the placeholder.

  • FTP file content:

    • Each row represent: Select the type of sales data required by your shopping mall.

    • Show no sales hours: Select, if the shopping mall asks to include “0 Sales” hours.

    • Row format: Enter Data Format as specified in the support document. These fields are to be separated by the pipe character “|” and use @ to trigger the place holder.
      For example: 000100000200 | @YYYYMMDD | @HH | @ORDER_COUNT | @NETT_SALES | @GST

2. Download FTP file

Once you have done the FTP file format settings, you can now generate and preview the format by selecting any date (which has sales data) and click “Download file” button.

If all content & format are as per shopping mall’s requirement. Click OK to save the settings.

Normally shopping mall management may ask you to send this file to them for format checking.

3. Fill in server information.

Shopping mall checks the file, and if verified correct, the shopping mall shares their FTP server information like FTP server IP, FTP username and FTP password.

  • Use this FTP information and fill in the fields below.

Note: The above examples are for reference only. Use the FTP server information send by your shopping mall.

  1. Username: FTP username

  2. Password: FTP password

  3. Server address (domain/IP): FTP server IP

  4. Server port (optional): Server port is provided by your shopping mall (check their support document), if not, leave it empty.

  5. Folder path (optional): Folder path is provided by your shopping mall (check their support document), if not, leave it empty.

  • Next, click on “Connect server” button

  • Wait until the message of 'Connection succeed!' is displayed.

4. Enable auto upload and save

  • Next, enable the Auto upload button > Click OK.

Your store will now automatically send the sales data to the shopping mall’s FTP server on daily basis.

What to do if you failed to connect the server?

  • Check whether the required information above is correct.

  • Please contact the shopping mall to ensure that the FTP server IP, username and password are given by it are correct.

How to re-upload the missing sales or incorrect data to the shopping mall?

  1. Go to Store > POS settings > Sales auto upload.

  2. Look for the store you wish to check missing/incorrect data > Click Upload history

  3. Depending on your shopping mall’s requirements, there are two ways to re-upload the sales:

  • Download file: Select the mentioned date from the calendar > Click on Download file button > Save the file to your device > Sent it to your shopping mall management.

  • Manual upload: Select the mentioned date from the calendar > Click on Manual upload button > Wait until the message of 'Succeed' is displayed.

Tip: From here, you can also track whether your sales have been uploaded to the shopping mall server successfully.

As simple as that 😉

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