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How to set discount/surcharge options
How to set discount/surcharge options
Updated over a week ago

With the Discount/Surcharge function, you can easily apply pre-set discounts or surcharges to both new and existing orders. This highly configurable option allows you to adjust order final payable amount based on specific circumstances.

In this article, we will guide you through the process of setting up and utilizing this feature across our various platforms, including the POS system, admin console, and mobile app.

Setting Up Discounts/Surcharges:

To start utilizing the Discount/Surcharge functionality, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your account and open admin console.

  • Click on “Business” tab > Click “Surcharge/Discount”

2. Click on “Add new option”

3. Configure Discount/Surcharge Options.

4. Define Discount/Surcharge Details:

  • Value:

    1. Flat: select it to set a flat discount/surcharge. Enter the amount in next box.

    2. Percentage: select it to set a percentage discount/surcharge. Enter the percentage in next box.

  • Value can be changed: Check this to make the set discount/surcharge values flexible for editing at the time of applying discount/surcharge.

  • Business limit (optional): To limit the discount/surcharge options to specific business only.

Applying Discounts/Surcharges:

Once you have configured your discount/surcharge options, you can apply them across different platforms:

1. POS System:

2. Admin Console:

3. Mobile App:


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