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Enable Central Factory for Enhanced Production Management
Enable Central Factory for Enhanced Production Management
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If you oversee your production operations and operate from a centralized factory or plant where customer orders are processed, this article is tailored to your needs.

By activating the Central Factory setting and designating your online or POS business agent to the Central Factory, you can effectively monitor daily order volumes directed to your factory. This, in turn, empowers you to optimize your workforce scheduling and organization, thereby streamlining your operations for greater efficiency.

Enabling Central Factory

1. From your console navigate to "Operation" tab and click "Business agent"

2. Enable the "Central Factory" button.

You can choose to enable Central Factory as business agent for your ALL listed businesses OR you can choose to set it manually for individual business/store.

Set which business / store's order will be send to central factory

You can choose to set which business/store's order will be send to factory.

1. Click on the "Edit" button shown against the listed businesses.

2. Choose to set business agent for entire business OR by individual store/app.

Monitor central factory production

Once you have set business agents now you can monitor your central factory under "Production monitor"

Please take note that any alterations to the business agent, including the Central Factory setup, will exclusively impact new orders created subsequent to the adjustment. Existing orders will remain unaffected by these modifications to the business agent.

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