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Printer Troubleshooting
Updated over a week ago

There are instances when connecting printers to our systems might lead to unexpected error messages. This article will outline the possible causes behind these common error messages and provide straightforward solutions for troubleshooting printer connectivity issues effectively.

1. Error message: "Failed to execute 'open' on USBDevice: Access denied"

Possible Causes: Printer driver not installed on window.

How to fix: Download and install the USB driver for windows. Follow the article below on how to install the driver

2. Error message: "NetworkError: Failed to execute ‘claiminterface’ on ‘USBDevice’: Unable to claim interface"

Possible Causes: This error occurs when attempting to connect a printer to multiple browser windows simultaneously. Only one browser window can connect with printer at a time.

How to fix: To overcome this issue, follow these steps:

  • Check Active Browser Window: Ensure that no other browser window is currently linked to the printer. A printer can only be connected to one browser window at a time.

  • Close Unused Windows: If you have multiple browser window open, close the ones that are not actively being used. This will prevent conflicts when attempting to connect the printer.

3. Error message: "Printer pairing cancelled" immediately show after click "Connect printer" button.

Possible Causes: This error arises when the Chrome browser lacks the necessary permission to connect with nearby devices, including printers.

How to fix: To rectify this issue, follow these simple steps:

  • Access System Settings: Open your system settings and navigate to the permissions section.

  • Allow "Nearby Devices" Permission: Locate the Chrome browser in the list of applications and ensure that the "Nearby devices" permission is enabled.

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