With the EasyLead app, leads are acquired by scanning the QR code on an Attendee's name badge. Please request the Attendee's permission before scanning their badge. 


After choosing your event, press "Scan A Lead" from the starting screen, or select "Scan" from the bottom menu at anytime.

NOTE: The first time you use the app after installation, you may be asked for allow Camera access. Choose "Accept" to allow the app to use the camera to scan leads. This is the only time the app will use the camera feature.

In Scan mode, position the dotted white box over the QR code and the lead should be automatically acquired. Should there be an issue scanning a particular QR code, select "+ Enter Badge ID" just below the scanning window, and manually enter the 6 digit Badge ID, found above the QR code.

After acquiring a lead, ratings (1-5 stars) and notes can be added, and can also be edited later.

When finished, select "Done" and return to the Leads page. Leads can be acquired individually or in rapid consecutive scans while in Scan mode.

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