New and existing investors are automatically diversified as new loans are added to the platform. 

Once our credit committee has agreed a loan and legal requirements completed your money may fund a single apartment refurbishment through to an entire housing development and your investment may be split across one, some or all of our projects at any given time.

Our platform prioritises the least diversified investors first as we believe this treats everyone fairly no matter the size of their investment or when they joined the platform. The diversification available to investors on the easyMoney platform will increase as our portfolio of loans grows. We have grown our loan portfolio in a steady and controlled manner in order to avoid the underwriting issues that have affected some high profile peer-to-peer lenders.

Good to know

Quality of loans is paramount to the protection of investor’s funds.

Your money may start off lending against a single loan, however we try to diversify your investment across more than one loan as quickly as possible and will continue to do so in the background as new loans become available.

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