Information requests and Booking reservations can be rejected within 72 hours.
The amount of time it takes you to respond to requests will affect your response rate and your position on Eatwith as well as opportunities for promotion. Also the number of bookings that you will reject will affect your visibility, so the more bookings you will accept, the more you will receive!

When you reject a booking request, you should close the date on your calendar as to not receive any other requests for that same date. When guests book a Eatwith experience, they are very careful to only choose hosts who are available on selected dates and assume that if a date is available the booking will be accepted.

Therefore, we recommend you to update your calendar regularly ( especially if you go on holidays ) so you will only receive booking requests for when you're able to invite people to your house.

If you change your mind about a reservation that you already declined, please ask the guest to send a new booking request, or contact us at

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