You can now edit, the number of seats, the price and the time of your event even if it is already scheduled on your calendar.

Like that, you can edit some details for one event only without having to edit the offering.
You can also directly edit an event when you schedule it on your calendar.
All the edited events will be marked Edited.

To edit any details of your live event, just click on the event on your calendar, then cick on "edit event" on the right of your screen. A form will appear with all the details you can edit.

Please check this video tutorial to learn how to edit details of your live events on you calendar:

Please keep in mind that once the event will be booked, you won't be able to edit details but the  maximum number of seats. Like in the picture below:

Need to adapt your menu or details that you can't edit for one event only?
To adapt the menu or any other details for an event with bookings, we suggest you message your guests directly.

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