Guests can requests tailored private events. 

Here are the 3 places where guests can request a private event:
A. From the
Private event page:  Guests can search by city, and browse available private event menus.
B. From the general offering page: If the offering is available for private events, guests will be able to click on the private event button in the booking box to submit a request.
C. From a host's profile page:  Offerings available for private events will have a private event button available for guests to submit a request. 

If you are a host and want to make an offering available for private requests, please email us at  

As a host, you can also get in touch with us in case you need help creating a private event offer. We can create one together and send the private event link to the guest, in case he can't sent the request alone for any reason.

Once a request has been submitted, hosts will be able to message and work with the guest to finalize the details. Host will have the ability to customize the menu, or price before sending the event link to the guest for booking. 

Guests will also be able to book and pay separately, as for regular events. Of course, hosts will be notified once the guests have booked the event.

Here is how it works from the Guest side:

Here is how it works from the Host side:

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