Important: All of your experiences are "available by request" by default, which is when the date is blank. 

This means that your experience will appear in the 'Events available by request' section of the search page, and guests will be able to send you a request to open a date - even if you haven't scheduled an event. 

Therefore it is important for you to update your calendar regularly, and scheduling events will increase your chances of receiving many bookings..!

  • Schedule an event

You can easily schedule experiences, on a single date or on multiple dates at once.

  1. To schedule an event on a single date, go to your Calendar and click on the date you want to open.

  2. Click on the '+' at the bottom of the date, then select the experience you wish to add and click on 'Schedule'.

-->  When scheduling an event, you can also edit the details of this particular date: the number of seats available, the time, the price, the booking deadline; you can also choose whether to make it open to the public (1), or make it private (2); you can also choose wether or not to make it instantly bookable (which means that your guests' bookings will be automatically approved): 

(1) Public event:

(2) Private event: 

Please remember that the minimum number of seats is only a guideline for you and the guests. Guests will still be able to send you a request, for example for one person if they are a solo traveller. This is to allow different groups to be able to book, and this will increase your visibility on the search page in order to hopefully meet your minimum. However, we do advise that you let your guests know in advance that you may need cancel your event if the minimum number of guests is not attained. Bookings will not be automatically cancelled if the minimum is not attained.

  • Edit your scheduled event 

You can always edit the details of one specific date in your calendar once scheduled, (including time, price (these two only if there aren't any bookings), number of seats, and booking deadline), simply by clicking on the date/event and then 'Edit event details':

NB: You can change your booking deadline to closer to the time of the event if you need guests to pay last minute!

  • Unschedule an event

To unschedule an upcoming event, hover over the event you want to unschedule and click the “-” icon. Please keep in mind that an unscheduled event is still available by request.

  • Close the dates if you are not available

If you aren't available on a certain date, or do not want to receive any requests, close your calendar by selecting the date you want to close and clicking on the 'x'. 

  • Schedule or close multiple dates at once

If you want to schedule events or close multiple dates: select 'Edit availability' on the right upper side of your calendar --> select all of the dates wanted --> 'Update my availability' --> click on 'Schedule' or 'Unschedule' (or 'Available by request') --> Apply changes:

You can also select the whole month: 

  • Extra:

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