What is the key to building a successful experience on Eatwith?
When building an Eatwith experience, it is important to remember that this will be your potential guests' first interaction with your brand.
Inspire guests through high-resolution photos that show the space you will be hosting from, the food, the guests, the table, and of course, you!
Reviews, Reviews, Reviews Kindly encourage your guests to leave you reviews 

How can I attract guests to my Eatwith experiences?
As part of the share economy, the most successful Eatwith hosts are entrepreneurs and build their brand on our platform. The Eatwith community team can provide guidance and the tools to grow your own business. We also have tips on how to promote yourself here.

Where can I find examples of Eatwith's photography guidelines?
Here we have Eatwith's photography guidelines. Please note a high-resolution photo is considered to be 1024 X 768

How does pricing your Eatwith experience work?
For your first Eatwith experience, we recommend that hosts price their initial events between $30-$50 to offer an introductory rate as they build up their reviews.

Does Eatwith include any charges?
Eatwith includes a 20% service fee to the guest upon booking. This is added to the amount you indicate you will charge for the experience. For example, you have entered $100 as the price for your experience. When a guest books, they will pay $120 ($100 + 20%).

How and when will I receive payment after I host an event?
Payment will be received 2 business days after your event has completed. Payment is processed by Stripe. If you have not yet received your payment, make sure all payment information and identification has been provided. 

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