Get social!
Use instagram and other social media outlet like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to attract existing and future guests to join your table. Pay attention to what hashtags are trending for local and international social events and use them to gain more followers. Try posting photos of the different stages of a recipe or even of your table setting. Inspire others and let us know by tagging us by using the hashtag #eatwith. 

Photography! Inspire future guests
Check out Eatwith photography guidelines and don't forget that your photographs are the single most powerful marketing tool you have when offering and online experience. What experience would you be more likely to book, one with "ok" photos or inspiration food photos and social interactions that give you the feeling that you are actually there with the other guests? 

Snowball effect
Invite your friends to dinner for free (or for a bottle of wine) and watch others quickly sign up. The more people that sign up the more your event will look like the coolest club in town with a line around the corner.

Spread the word
Use the power of social networks to tell everyone about your event. Share the Eatwith social media posts or post something on your own linking to your event and ask your friends to help you spread the word.

Post to online groups
Find and join Facebook group that match your event theme. Cooking Japanese? Why not join a Facebook group for Japanese food fans in your city. Let others know they can come join your table and meet others over a delicious meal.

Past guests
Write your past guests who live locally and invite them to your next event. If they had a good time the first time round the second one can only get better.

Consider approaching a local hotel/hostel and explaining what you do. Contact Eatwith and we’ll arrange a special discount code you can offer them as an incentive.

 Meet the press
Connected with your local foodie bloggers in town?  Have a friend at the city paper?  We’ll help you prepare a great copy to show off your offer and send to any  media connections you might have.

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