At Eatwith, we want to build the world's most trusted community. One of the most important steps of hosting a successful experience, is ensuring guests feel safe and trust you as a host, and this starts at your profile.

Now is a better time than ever to re-look at your host profile picture and venue photos, to ensure you build a strong sense of trust from the get-go. It's so important for guests to get to know you and where they're going to be dining, before booking an experience. 

Profile Photo Guidelines


✔ Upload a clear photo of yourself

✔ Use a recent photo of yourself

✔ Your photo must be in focus, close-up (so we can clearly see your face) and ideally in colour

✔ Your photo must be friendly and inviting (one of you smiling is perfect!) - it's what guests will see when they book your event 

✔ Use a “foodie” photo if possible - wearing an Eatwith apron, you in the kitchen, you at a food market etc.

✔ If you’re hosting in a couple, please add a photo of the two of you together



❌ Use your brand or company logo

❌ Use a photo of yourself that is shot from a distance

❌ Use a photo featuring other people - unless you're hosting in a couple 

❌ Wear sunglasses or have anything covering your face

❌ Avoid selfies if possible

❌ Avoid using any additional props in shot i.e. kitchen knives

❌ Avoid photos with your pets 


Venue Photo Guidelines 


✔ Share photos of your table setting, showing how guests will be seated. 

Top tip: don't squeeze in too many seats around one table, leave more space than you normally would

✔ Share photos of your table beautifully laid with cutlery, crockery, glasses and any additional table props you have - candles, flowers etc.

✔ Share photos of you preparing food in your clean kitchen

✔ Share photos of your clean kitchen 

✔ Share photos of your venue looking clean, tidy and really inviting 

✔ Shoot photos of your venue when the lighting is best i.e. early evening sunset when light is streaming in through your windows 

✔ Share photos of your “WOW factor” - beautiful view, rooftop setting etc.



❌ Share photos of a messy or dirty kitchen

❌ Share photos of an untidy event space with lots of clutter

❌ Share photos of anything that looks unhygienic - unwashed pots and pans  

❌ Avoid sharing photos of your empty table, that has not been set yet 


If you have any questions regarding your profile or venue photos, feel free to reach out to your Community Manager!

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