As we continue to practice social distancing, our focus as a business will be promoting private dining to our guest community. Now guests can easily book your Eatwith experience as a Private Event with colleagues, family, friends etc. Here is everything you need to know about hosting Private Events on Eatwith.

What is a Private Event and how does it differ from an Open Event?

Private events are exclusive gatherings for a set number of guests. Instead of scheduling and inviting public guests to your Open Events, you'll receive special booking requests to celebrate occasions - birthdays, bachelorettes, family gatherings, corporate events and more! An Eatwith Open Event, on the other hand, is an experience that is open to the public, for anyone to book.

“Book the whole table” - NEW feature!

We have launched a new feature on the website, which invites guests to "Book the whole table" as a private event.

Guests will be prompted to fill out a booking request form detailing the occasion and information for their group. This information will be sent to your Eatwith inbox.

Update your calendar and be responsive!

Private Events are bookable on a request basis only. All dates on your calendar are now open, so it’s important to close any dates you are unavailable to host to avoid receiving requests on these dates, leading to guest disappointment. You will receive and manage all booking requests and payments through your Eatwith dashboard. Keep an eye on your inbox. We recommend checking your messages and responding within 48 hours to not miss out on the booking opportunity! Guests typically send requests to more than one host.

Can I continue hosting Open Events too?

Yes - if you would like to continue hosting Open Events as well as Private Events, all you need to do is schedule Open Event dates on your calendar. Guests will have the option to “Join an open table”, enabling them to book tickets for your Open Event, along with other guests. Please bear in mind that as a company, we are focusing on pushing experiences bookable as private dining events in the upcoming months.

Adapt your experience for a local audience

If you are interested in offering Private Events, make sure your experience offering is appealing to locals in your city, as this is the audience you will be attracting. Check out our top tips here.

Finally, review your experience!

Now is the time to review your current experience offering which is now bookable for Private Dining requests! Double check the minimum and maximum number of guests is set correctly and be flexible with your cancellation policy.

We’ve seen many of our hosts have great success with private events! If you have questions or need assistance with your Private Event offering, or if for any reason you do not wish to offer Private dining, feel free to reach out to your Community Manager, or email the Community team at - we’re always happy to help!

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