In addition to “Open” events (also known as events for the public), you can also manage private events for birthdays, bachelorettes, special groups, and more.

Simply, select the private event option when scheduling the event.

Then, select the event on the calendar to copy the link to share with your guests requesting the private event.

Please note that depending on group and type of event, hosting a private event is slightly different. Here are just a few of the things to make a note of:

  1. Private event guests are familiar with one another. For these groups, you can be less involved in the event as you normally would with guests dining at an "Open Table."

  2. Private groups typically request custom menus. Be sure to connect with your guest to discuss their occasion and how you can make it special.

  3. Your guests may ask to bring decorations or other items for their celebration. Discuss what you’re able to accommodate in your home or private space.

  4. Because people all know each other, private events tend to run longer than normal events. Communicate with the organizer the end time and offer a suggestion for a nearby bar they can continue their gathering at after the event.

We’ve seen many of our hosts have great success with private events! If you have questions or need assistance setting up a private event on our account, feel free to reach out to us at

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