To choose the price of your experiences you can make an average of the amount that you spend on the ingredients you need for it and also consider the time that you are going to give to every event.
You have to include all the beverages and the food in the price of your experience. If you prefer, you can also suggest guests to bring their own bottle. 

Please keep in mind that your guests will pay 20% more than the price indicated.
For example, if you set the price of your event at 20€ your guests will pay 24€.

Pricing your experiences as a new host 

As a new host, you don't have reviews yet, or just a few.
This means that your number one goal is to gain reviews!

In order to do that, you need to set an attractive price to your experience and to level it up from there according to the amount of reviews you have and your experience's popularity.

We advice you to deduct 25% from your goal price and deduct at least 25%.

So if you wish to price your experience at $50, you should price your experience at $37. 

**once you have more than 20 reviews with a high score above 4,7, you can set your goal price and see how it goes)

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