To start generating bookings, all you need to do is...

1. Review your experience(s)

It’s a good time to review and refresh your current Eatwith experience offering(s) . Check all the event info:

  • The photos

  • The title

  • The event description

  • The price

  • The menu

  • The start/finish time

  • The min/max number of guests per event

2. Update your calendar to get seen and start generating pre-bookings

Once your experience is ready, be sure to update your Eatwith calendar. Availability gives your experience visibility to guests visiting your city's search page. Open all available dates you can host between the May onwards into the summer months. We are already seeing bookings for events as late as August!

3. Start with hosting private groups

Guests are looking for intimate ways to safely gather and celebrate with friends and family. Rather than having an open table, you can set up experience as a private event.Double check the minimum and maximum number of guests is set correctly and be flexible with your cancellation policy. Learn how to set up a private event.

4. Not comfortable hosting indoors or at home?

Explore alternative spaces such as outdoor dining on shared rooftops/terraces or public spaces in city parks and green spaces. Some cities have started "Open Streets” programs to provide more space for locals outdoors, closing streets to pedestrians and cyclists during set hours.

Find unique venues for any budget on Storefront, Peerspace, and more!

5. Review the ‘Health & Safety’ guidelines

Eatwith is committed to the health and well-being of our host and guest community. Please review our updated Health and Safety guidelines for all hosts worldwide in addition to following any specific guidelines set by the local government in your city/state.

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