Ballot Settings
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What is the ballot settings are for?

The ballot settings allow you to customize and prepare your vote exactly they way you want it to be.

Ballot title

Choose a ballot title โ€“ preferably one that is easy to remember.ย 

Ballot type

You have two choices:

  • A Voting ballot:

    • You can setup the questions and provide choices for each question.

  • A nomination ballot:

    • You can still set up the questions, but the voters are allowed to pick anyone in the voter list as their choice.

      Since some (or all) voters become nominees in this scenario, note that they are allowed to vote for themselves if they wanted.

Anonymous voting

If you enable anonymous voting, the identity of the voter and how they voted will be hidden from everyone, including the admin.
If you do not enable anonymous voting, an admin will have full visibility to the identity of each voter and their votes.

Time zone and schedule

It's best to choose the time zone in which the majority of your voters are located. This will ensure maximum participation when you promote your vote.

Choose the same date and time for Date When Results are Available as Ballot Opens to see results in real time!

Website redirect

This is the website where voters will be taken when they complete their ballot. One of your organization's relevant website pages is a good choice.

Choice shuffling

Selecting this randomizes the order that responses appear in the ballot. Activating Choice Shuffling is not recommend for ballot involved candidates bios.

Ballot instructions

Describe your vote here. And make sure your voters know exactly what to expect.

Review page

Choose whether or not you want your voters to see a summary of their choices before submitting their vote.

Affidavit statement

Choose whether you would like your voters to approve an affidavit.ย 

Voter email confirmation

Send a confirmation to the voter, reminding them of their choices.

Parked voting

Select Yes to let voters edit their selections during the election period. Parking voting is only available with premium accounts.

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