Testing Your Ballot

Perfect your vote before you launch it

Written by Sadaf Khan
Updated over a week ago

By enabling test mode, you'll be able to view a ballot as it will display your voters after you make it live.

This is helpful for tweaking your ballot and getting it exactly to your specifications before launching.

You can test any ballot that is under construction, since active and completed ballots are not able to enter test mode.

How to enable test mode

  • From your dashboard, choose the ballot you want to test.

  • Click Test Ballot in your ballots status bar.  

  • Select the Login link next to any one of the ten test voters provided in your ballot. This will log you in as that person and take you through the voting experience this person will receive.

  • Fill out this the ballot to make sure everything shows up how you'd like it to. Note that since you're in test mode, this will not affect your results once you activate your ballot.

  • If you have hosted documents, make sure to double check these are accessible (e.g. resumes, images, links).

Testing a Nominations Ballot

When testing a nominations ballot (vs. a voting ballot), you'll need to temporarily make it a voting ballot during your testing period. This option is located in your Ballot Settings tab.

Note that if you try to test a nominations ballot without this step, you will receive an error.

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