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How to Sign Up for a Pro or Premium Account

  • Head to our pricing page.

  • Enter the amount of voters you need and click Calculate.

  • Choose between a Pro and Premium subscription plan; if you have questions prior to signing up, contact us.

  • Click Select Plan and follow the self-guided account creation process.

Choosing Your Voter URL

When setting up your account, you'll need to create a Voter URL. This is simply the link where you will send your voters to login and vote. This will remain the same for all of your voters, regardless of what ballots they're eligible to vote on.

Choose a name that will resonate with everyone who is voting at your organization. The name of your organization (or its acronym) is a good choice.

Don't make your Voter URL specific to one ballot (e.g. This Year's Leadership Election). Instead, give Ballot-specific names to your Ballots as you create them.

About Payments

The Pro plan has a 6-month minimum commitment. The Premium has a yearly commitment. With both plans, your credit card be charged monthly.
For more details, visit our Terms of Use page.

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