Get More Email Campaigns

Purchase additional campaigns to send reminders to your voters.

Written by Sadaf Khan
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Why Would I Want More Email Campaigns?

Each ballot you create comes equipped with one free email campaign.

We recommend you use this batch of emails for sharing One-Click-Links, Voter URLs, Usernames, and Passwords with your voters.

You may, however, want to purchase additional email campaigns to send notifications to your voters:

  • Before the vote opens. Notify your voters of an upcoming vote a couple weeks prior.

  • During the vote. Follow up with voters who haven't voted or thank those that have.

  • After the vote closes. Share the results of your election with everyone after your ballot has closed.

How to Purchase More Email Campaigns

  • Hover over Store, click Buy Emails, and select the ballot you want these email campaigns enabled for. You can also access this via the Email tab within the ballot.

  • Choose the number of additional campaigns you would like to purchase. The total cost will be $0.02 multiplied by the number of voters on your account.

  • Your ballot will show the updated total number of email campaigns available.

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