Guide to Uploading Your Voter List

Upload your list of voters to your account and add them to your ballots

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What’s A Voter List?

Your voter list is a list of all the people who are eligible to vote. For easy management, these are separated at the account and ballot level.

Where do I find my voter list?

Find your account's voter list:

To find a list of all of the voters on your account, click on the Voters option in your main navigation menu.

Find your ballot's voter list:

To find a list of voters in a particular ballot, click the Voters tab in your ballot.

How To Upload Your Voter List

Uploading voter lists to your account is how you will add your voters to your ballot and notify them of the upcoming vote.

Note: Voters must be added to your account first, before you can add them to your ballots.

The voter upload process involves two simple steps:

Step 1: Upload your voter list to your account

  • Download our voter list template by clicking on the Voters tab in the upper right of your screen. Click on "Upload voter list" and download the template.

  • Enter your voters into the Excel template, without changing the headers

  • Make sure to give each voter a unique Username

  • You can leave the Access Code column blank and our system will generate a one-time passcode for your voters.

  • If you’re not, leave the filter columns blank

  • Save your file in .CSV (Comma Separated Values) format and upload it to your account

In some cases, you may receive a message to let you know why the list could not be uploaded. Below are the main reasons you might get an error:

Common Issue: Incorrect Headers

Solution: Make sure when adding your voters to the list, use the original headers from the template - do not rearrange or delete any of the file headers.

Common Issue: Extra Spaces in Your Data

Solution: Do not include any spaces in your usernames, and make sure there aren’t any extra spaces in your template.

Step 2: Target that list of voters on your ballot

  • After uploading the voters to your account, go to your ballot and click on the Voters tab.

  • Click Import All Voters. This will import all voters from your account into your ballot.

  • Click Search to find voter segments, if you included filters in your list

Have any additional, last-minute voters to add?

It's easy to add voters to any active or under construction ballots.

To be clear: you may add voters to your ballot anytime, regardless of the ballot status (e.g. Under Construction, Active, etc.)

Just like when you initially uploaded voters, make sure you first import any additional voters to your account. Then, add them to your ballot.

Next Steps

  • The Guide to Master Ballot Settings will show you important master ballot settings that enable you to duplicate ballots, confirm correct setup, test your ballot before you make it go live, and publish your vote for all of your voters to see.

  • The Guide to Ballot Setup showcases the critical elements you need to pay attention to when setting up your ballot.

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