Guide to Voter Notification Emails

Send notifications to let your voters know about the vote - straight from the platform

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What are Voter Email Campaigns?

Email campaigns are a powerful tool, useful for boosting turnout and engagement for your vote.

At a bare minimum, you’ll use our notifications system to send emails to your voters sharing everything they need to know about how to vote.

You can also use this tool to follow up with people who didn’t vote, etc.

One email campaign per ballot comes free of charge. Additional campaigns cost .02 per email per voter. Test emails are always free.

How to Create, Test, and Send Voter Notifications

Creating your voter notification campaigns is a straightforward process. The major steps are:

  • Step 1: Create a test email to ensure it looks the way you want it

  • Step 2: Copy your test email and send it to all of your voters

Step 1: Create a Test Campaign

  • On the Email tab, click Create Campaign and fill out all the relevant fields. You’ll create an email that will go out to voters to tell them how to vote.

  • Make sure that the "To" field is set to Test Email. The "To" section lets you email segments of your voter list (for example if certain folks didn’t vote, you can target them and send a follow up email).

  • If this is the first email you’re sending about your vote, you’ll want to choose all voters, after you do a test email.

Step 2: Copy the Test Email and Create Final Version

  • Once the Test Email looks the way you want it to, copy it and change the "To" section to All Voters.

  • Click Send, or Schedule the email to be sent out at a later time.

  • Please note, since you’re sending out multiple emails (in many cases hundreds or thousands), they can take up to an hour to be sent and be marked as such.


What is the Plain Text Message Box?

Copy any paste your email text into this box so that any of your voters who are using older email clients are able to see their emails correctly.

What are merge fields? And why are they not showing up correctly in my test email?

In short, merge fields let you send hundreds or thousands of personalized emails simply by writing one email and placing in standard fields that display unique information.

Your test emails will not display the actual merge field content, and will instead show up as a merge field in code (e.g. %%FirstName%%).

The merge fields will fill in when sending out to your voters so don’t worry about seeing %%FirstName%% in your test emails. %%FirstName%% will show up as Jane if you send this email to Jane.

Read our Guide to Merge Fields here.

Next Steps

  • The Guide to Master Ballot Settings will show you important master ballot settings that enable you to duplicate ballots, confirm correct setup, test your ballot before you make it go live, and publish your vote for all of your voters to see.

  • The Guide to Ballot Setup showcases the critical elements you need to pay attention to when setting up your ballot.

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