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Merge Fields for Email Notification Campaigns
Merge Fields for Email Notification Campaigns

All about what merge fields are and how to use them

Written by Sadaf Khan
Updated over a week ago

What are merge fields?

When sending out your voter notifications through email, merge fields are a tool that “merges” in personalized, unique information so you don’t have to write out all the different combinations of usernames, passwords, login urls, and one-click links for each of your voters.

Instead, you can send hundreds or thousands of personalized emails simply by writing one email and placing in merge fields for unique information, such as:

Username - %%UserName%% - This will merge the individual voter’s username for the ballot

Access Code - %%AccessCode%% - This will send their password or access code to the ballot

First Name - %%FirstName%% - The voter’s first name

Voter Login URL - %%LoginURL%% - This is their voter URL link (can be found in your Dashboard), it will look something like

One-Click Link - %%EmbedLink%% - This is a one-click link that will open their voter login portal and  automatically log the voter into the ballot to vote.

How to Create Merge Fields

  • Within the Email tab, view the merge field options by clicking on MERGE, located in the email builder toolbar.

Note: Your test emails will not display the actual merge field content, and will instead show up as a merge field in code (e.g. %%FirstName%%). 

The merge fields will fill in when sending out to your voters so don’t worry about seeing %%FirstName%% in your test emails. %%FirstName%% will show up as Jane if you send this email to Jane.

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