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Can I delete my voters and replace them with a new list?
Can I delete my voters and replace them with a new list?
Written by Sadaf Khan
Updated over a week ago

Once a voter has voted, they cannot be deleted from your voter pool. This is due to each vote being linked and stored to the results of a given ballot.

eBallot Essential is our entry-level voting software that was built for usage among the same voters over time. You can always add more voters to your account (up to 5,000) to get around this, but as your voting needs evolve, it's not uncommon to consider moving into our business platform.

If your voter list needs to be replaced with new voters, here are your options:

Option 1: Add more voters to your account, on top of your existing amount

Your monthly price will go up based on how many you add, but this might be a good near-term solution.

  • We suggest deleting users who haven't voted first. You can do this by going to the Voters tab and clicking the trash can next to each voter you want to remove

  • Then, add the number of new voters you need to your account by going to Store > Add Voters

Option 2: Consider shifting to our business platform

Our business platform's list management capabilities, client support, and vote management services are more tailored and robust. Contact us for more information about eBallot for Business.

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