How to Create Ballot Questions

The questions tab is where you determine what is to be voted on

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What are ballot questions?

Your ballot is composed of questions, question instructions, and choices.

  • Questions are what you ask your voters to weigh in on. For example, “Who do you think should be the next treasurer of our group?”

  • Question instructions give more context to your voters and are a good place to include any suggestions. (e.g. “Please read all biographies before selecting your choice for treasurer”)

  • Question choices are the options your voters are able to choose (e.g. Laura Newman, Brad Stevens, Sharon Pickett, Marcus Beacon). Each question you build on a ballot will include several choices.

Here are some common examples of question titles, instructions, and choices:

How to Create Questions for Your Ballot

  • Click the Questions tab of your ballot, then select Add New Question

  • Fill out all the relevant fields and Save your question

How to Add Choices to a Question

  • Within a question, click the Add Choice button

  • Select the Choice Type

  • Fill in the details and click Save

  • The choice you created will show up on the question. Repeat this process until you’ve built all the choices needed for your question.

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