Question Settings Definitions

A complete list of all question settings and what they mean

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Question Settings

Question Type

  • Standard: Allow voters to select one or more choices, but not rank them in order of preference.

  • Ranked: Let voters rank their choices based on their preference.

Weighted Question

  • Weighted: Assign different weights or voting power to your voters.

  • Split weights: Allow voters to "split" their weights between multiple choices. This is available only if you allow your voters to make more than one choice on the question.

Note: Weighted questions are optional

Response required

  • Yes: Require that your voters answer this question.

  • No: Make this question optional.

Question instructions

  • Use this field to give your voters more context about the question.

  • Auto generate: Display a default, editable message for the question instructions.

Choice Type

  • Single Choice: Restrict your voters to only one choice

  • Multiple Choice: Allow your voters to make multiple choices. You'll be prompted to specify the number of choices.

Note: Choice type settings will show up after you save your question

Apply Filter

  • Restrict certain voters to only voting on specific questions within a ballot.

  • You can also weight a voter based on the filter criteria.

Note: Filtering is optional

To learn how to set up filters, see our article How to Use Filters.

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