Choice Type Settings Definitions

A complete list of all choice type settings and what they mean

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Choice Type Settings Definitions

Choice option

  • The Choice option is the standard input choice.

  • Enter what this choice should be called (e.g. “Yes”) and add additional choices (e.g. "No", "Maybe") as needed.

Candidate option

  • The Candidate option allows you to share candidate details like a headshot, biography, or a brief statement about the candidate.

  • Candidate Image: The candidate image must be 240 x 240 pixels. Sizes outside of these parameters will not upload.

  • Resume: Use this section to list out candidate information and accomplishments

Write-in option

  • Write-in choice types let your voters enter a response of their own. You can label this field (e.g. "please tell us your thoughts") as you see fit.

Note: Write-ins have a response limit of 100 characters.

Abstain option

  • The Abstain option gives your voters the right to formally not vote for any of the choices.

Add Multiple Candidates option

  • The Add Multiple Candidates option is useful if you don’t have bios and headshots to upload. You can add multiple candidates to your question at once to save time.

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