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How to Create and Launch a Weighted Ballot
How to Create and Launch a Weighted Ballot

Learn about what a weighted vote is and how to set one up

Written by Sadaf Khan
Updated over a week ago

What is a Weighted ballot?

A ballot that allows some voters to have greater influence on the outcome of the election.

What is Split Weight?

It allows voters to split their voting weight on multiple choices/candidates within a question.

How to build a weighted ballot

  • Click Voters and download our voter list upload template. Once you set up the spreadsheet, including defining the weights, click Upload Voter List to upload the voter list.

  • Next, click on the Settings tab and make the appropriate selections for Ballot Type and Anonymous Voting

  • Visit the Questions tab to create a question. Check the box for Weighted Question.

  • Make the appropriate selection for Split Weight. (Note that Split Weight only works when multiple choice is enabled.)

  • Click Save

  • Head to the Voters tab and click Import

    • To upload voters from a previous ballot, use the dropdown menu to select the ballot’s voter list and click Import

    • To add all voters to the ballot, click on Search and import all of the voters (note it will only import 1 page/50 voters at a time).

  • Use the Email tab to send voter notification emails to all eligible voters

    • If sending reminder emails, use the dropdown menu to select the appropriate voter group

  • Click Activate Ballot to make your ballot go live. Monitor the results using the Reports tab > Results

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