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FAQ on email campaigns and how they work

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Are email campaigns free?

Every ballot comes with a single complementary email campaign. Follow up email campaigns need to be purchased at the cost of $0.02 multiplied by the number of voters on your ballot.


A ballot with 50 voters * .02 = $1.00 per follow up

A ballot with 250 voters * .02 = $5.00 per follow up

A ballot with 1000 voters * .02 = $20.00 per follow up

How does an email campaign work?

An email campaign allows voter email to be sent to all voters on the ballot in one go. Click here for instructions on setting up an email campaign.

How long does an email campaign take to deliver?

After an email campaign is sent, it can take up to 30 minutes for the status of an email campaign to change from “not sent yet” to “delivered.”

Can delivery of email campaigns be scheduled?

Email campaigns can be scheduled to deliver at a particular date and time in advance. Delivery time of scheduled email campaigns is also up to 30 minutes.

I sent myself a test email campaign, but the voter links are not working?

A test voter email doesn’t have functional merge fields. The purpose of a test voter email is to check the formatting of the voter email.

  • Test voters can be sent one-off voter emails. One-off emails have functional merge fields.

Click here for instructions on sending out one-off voter emails.

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