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Voters FAQ

Errors Frequently Encountered by Voters

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No access code for the voter portal.

Situation: Voter needs the access code to login to the voter portal

Solution: Click here for instructions on access code reset.

Voter is locked out of the voter portal

Situation: Voter is locked out of the voter portal.

Solution: The voter should wait for 3 minutes before trying to login again. As best practice, copy/paste the username/access code into the login fields to avoid account lock out.

Cannot submit the ballot.

Situation: Voter is trying to submit the ballot, but the submission button is not working.

Solution: A ballot can’t be submitted until it is fully completed. This includes checking off the ‘Participation Consent’ box on the ballot review page and answering any mandatory questions on the ballot.

If the ballot is complete but is not submitting, the voter should try to submit the ballot in a different browser (latest version of Chrome, Firefox or Safari is recommended) or try on a different device.

Ballot is not displaying properly on the screen.

Situation: Voter can’t see the ballot properly or is unable to navigate to the next page of the ballot.

Solution: The voter should try to vote in a different browser (latest version of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari) or on a different device (preferably Desktop/laptop).

“There are no active ballots”

Situation: No ballots are available for voting in the Voter Dashboard.

Solution: Either the election the voter is trying to vote on has not started or it is closed. The voter should reach out to the election admin for assistance.

Ballot is listed under “Completed” in the voter Dashboard screen

Situation: The ballot the voter is trying to vote on is labeled as “Completed.”

Solution: A completed ballot means that it has been submitted. If the voter didn’t submit the ballot, they should contact the election admin for assistance.

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