How to Send Email to a Single Voter
Written by Sadaf Khan
Updated over a week ago

While you can always send email campaigns to your voters, you also have the option of sending personalized emails to individual voters.

This comes in handy when:

  • Someone hasn't voted yet and you want to encourage them (privately) to do so.

  • You want to get in touch with them for another reason.

  • If the ballot is active, deactivate the ballot.

  • Click on the Email tab.

  • Click on the title of the Email Campaign.

  • Highlight and copy the text.

  • Click on Settings > More Settings

  • Paste the text into the box for Personalized Email.

  • Create a subject line for personalized emails and click Save.

  • To send voter email to a single voter, click on Voters > Search within the ballot.

  • Search for a voter with their name or email.

  • Click on Send Mail.

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